Mission Statement

To inspire and enrich, to share and excite, and empower to create and contribute.

To create a home for all that is Art - appreciation, creativity, passion, discovery, collaboration, engagement, contribution.

Contemporary & Abstract

We feature a wealth of artists - Dedy Sufriadi, Acong, Riduan, Syahruddin, Harapan, Robi Fathoni, Aan Gunawan, Acil, Hamzah , Nana Treja – being Nasional Galeri Indonesia accredited . These artists are already well known. You may want to check them out in other big galleries in Singapore where they sell at much higher prices.

Our in-house curator is himself an artist (National Arts Council accredited) and therefore interrelates better with these artists. He meets them on a monthly basis to be able to secure their quality works at lower prices.

Recently in collaboration with main artist Dedy Sufriadi, and eight of the other artists, Aseana was appointed to furnish more than 500 artworks to the National University of Singapore (NUS).

DO VISIT US. We speak a different language from other galleries – one that communicates directly with you.

Affordable Artworks

Good artworks do not necessarily have to be expensive and expensive artworks may not always cater to everyone's tastes. People may pay more than they should at "big name galleries" and perhaps regret their purchases. For those who want investment artworks, a reputable auction house is the way to go.

If "big names" are generally incidental to you, an alternative then would be to look to plenty of good artworks at attractive prices. Our curator cum in-house artist/sculptor deals with dozens of talented artists in the region. He would be glad to recommend suitable works at your given budget.

For good artworks, we highly recommend the following artists:-

Agus Pe

Agus paints with palette knives and his mastery of colours and textures is exceptional. His techniques are especially suitable for flower arrangements and dancers in colourful costumes.

Heroe Pe

Heroe learnt how to paint with palette knives from his brother Agus but his style is rather different - akin to Van Gogh, some have commented. Heroe's speciality is scenery and his works are considered reasonably priced.


His style and techniques are very much like Erica whose works sell for 10 to 30 times more. Put the two of them in two different rooms, give them a common theme to paint and you will get paintings that are strikingly similar, it will surprise you.

Ad-hoc Promos and Offers.

From time to time, we do promotions with our stable of artists. They can be for past or recent works. All artworks featured here are sold as is and priced subject to offers.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Open House
29 & 30 June, 2013
11am to 6pm

Fam Luc exhibition 2009

Chingay Singapore 2011 & 2012

Debut Exhibition of KY Huang December 2011

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Aseana Gallery is conveniently located at
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